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About Deborah

Deborah Miloslavich has previously been employed at a large thoroughbred farm in California where she was second in command under the owner.  She traveled all over the United States managing the sale shed row and horses selling at select yearling, two-year-olds in training and broodmares.  When not on the road, she managed all the farm’s horses for the upcoming sales and the sales prep crews.  Over the years her experience included managing a complete layup barn with hands-on care of injuries and illnesses.  During the off-season, her duties expanded to foaling an average of 125 broodmares each year and overseeing the handling and care of all the newborns.  As a result of her well-rounded exposure to the life and needs of a horse, she started to take care of repairs and cleaning of blankets and small tack on slow days.  From there, it was an easy decision to go into business for herself offering a complete horse blanket service.

In addition to handling all cleaning, weatherproofing and custom requests, Ms. Deborah is also the pick-up and delivery gal.  She is fully versed in all forms of repair for blankets and small tack.