calf-blanketWith horse blankets, the thicknesses can vary dramatically in different places, requiring a machine that can sew through thick and thin.  Our sewing machines are heavy-duty industrial machines that were designed to handle tough jobs like this.  We have Juki and Adler brands. We guarantee all our work so you can rest assured that if any of our repairs fail due to poor fabric or thread quality, we will redo it.

Prior to repairing, ALL blankets must be washed.  We accept customer cleaned blankets but we reserve the right to make the determination of whether or not they’re suitably clean.  This is due to the fact that a dirty, smelly blanket on our laps is not just unpleasant, but manure and dander just make the job unsanitary.  In addition, sand, dirt and debris can cause the machines to malfunction and just one machine down can cause weeks of delays.  We keep our machines well maintained so the blankets get back to you in a timely manner but we haven’t been able to replace our sewing machine mechanic by learning to do his job, so clean blankets are the only items that get sewed on!

We have drop sites in Orange, Madison, Louisa, Charlottesville,  Upperville, Warrenton, Marshall, Culpeper, Flint Hill, Washington and Front Royal.  For store locations, please call (540) 671-3740. Free pick up and delivery is available for barns/farms when you have 20 or more items. Less than 20 items we charge a $25 fee each way.