Our Cleaners

nikwax-logo-smallWhen it comes to horse blanket cleaning only the best warranty-honoring products are used. All new high-end turnout blankets come with warranties that require special washes.  For the sake of time and cleanliness, Blue Ridge Horse Blankets uses NIKWAX brand exclusively. NIKWAX manufactures superior quality cleaning and waterproofing products that prolong the life and enhances the performance of horse blankets, footwear and equipment.  Their blanket washing products rinse out completely, so you aren’t stuck with any soapy, sticky residues.

Say No To Agitators!

We find that agitator washing machines are inadequate for two reasons.

  1. The blankets twist and pull too tightly in the tub, potentially stretching the waterproof membrane used in most turnout blankets.
  2. There is not enough room for the blanket to open up so the water and blanket wash can get to all areas. We use only industrial front-loading washers that can tumble the blanket gently and only wash one blanket in the washer at a time.


We air dry everything. This follows the warranty and is better overall for the blanket or personal item because dryers can shrink and sometimes even destroy the item or blanket’s weatherproofing membrane, thus fully compromising the careful treatment.


We suggest annual weatherproofing of your horse blankets. We use only NICWAX products for safe, high-performance waterproofing, cleaning and conditioning of your blankets. You can trust when you send your items to us that only the best products are used.